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To bring body, mind and soul into harmony through the techniques of yoga always inspires me again and again - it is a great pleasure for me to give other people access to it. To connect with nature, music and other bright souls is my great passion.
Yoga teacher, DJ
Guide "Van support"
Passionate about sport and the outdoors. An eager traveller and always up for a new adventure! I enjoy cycling because it not only relaxes the mind but immerses you in your surroundings, giving you a sense of achievement as it takes you to new unexplored locations!
production manager pharmaceutical
Guide "The Sportive" Group
I love life as it is. Try to keep my ego small and live in mindfulness. I love my family and do a lot of endurance sports. Now I am looking forward to organizing this beautiful "Tour de Sqallija" with Sabine & John. We have been doing this all over Europe since 2003 and had great moments.
retired Flt. CPT
Guide "The Gourmet" group

This tour is a "must"

what’s life about? Try to live in mindfulness and enjoy a great bike ride with friends in Sicily. That’s what we do on this tour. You can find the tour datas at the top of the page. The route is not difficult, but also not as easy as it looks. The first day is 125 km long and leads over hilly terrain to the north. The road condition is fine and is checked by Google Earth. On the second day we climb Mount Etna, where we will climb at 1900 m above sea level. On the third day we head south again to Pozzallo, where we will board the Virtu ferry in the evening. As a hotel we have chosen a small hiding place; it’s a “Agriturismo”. I am sure that you will like it. Arriving in Pozzallo we will take the ferry back to Malta.

Facts & Figures
  • Gen Conditions
  • Costs
  • Training
  • Liability
  • Speed groups
  • Tour de Sqallija     13 May - 15 May 2022  - SERVICES
    The following services are included in your package:
    • 3 stages from Valletta to Sicily in two or three-speed groups with experienced guides,
    • GPS tracks  
    • Luggage transport and two nights in comfortable 3 - 4-star hotels with breakfast,
    • closed-cycle storage overnight, or in his room.
    • Cost: see tab cost.
  • A van will be rented to transport the luggage etc and the costs (renting, fuel, insurance, etc. will be divided by the  number of participants.
  • The tickets for the Virtu Ferry have to be bought by yourself.

A deposit of 30% is due at registration, as we advance the hotel with 30% of the prices have  being paid; the balance must be settled by the end of March 2022.
 Cancellation: You can cancel until the end of March 2022. After April 1st, 2022 repayment is no longer possible. 
Minimum participants 10, that the tour will take place.

This event is non- commercial.

The tour is basically free. On multi-day tours (stage trip) we require the expenses for hotels, bus, gasoline, toll, etc. The hotel costs/breakfast are fixed. The variable costs such as bus, fuel, toll,  etc are divided by the number of participants.
Estimatet costs:
1.Hotel 110€ /DR/ breakfast (subject to quote, 2 nights)
2.Hotel 160€ /SR/ breakfast (subject to quote, 2 nights)
3.Ferry: 88€ (subject to booking time) Ferry has to be booked by yourself.
4.Rented van + extras: 70€ (subject to participants.)

The Tour de Sqallija of us is a challenging bike tour and requires sufficient training. I recommend about 1,500 training kilometers to the beginning stages of this journey.  There will be 2-3 speed groups guided by experienced cyclist. If you want to know more about the information on training, then just look here. 

1 . Each participant is obliged to judge his health conditions for the participation in the event of corporate B & F itself if necessary after medical consultation. He has to provide for proper equipment must wear a helmet during the entire event. The helmet must meet ANSI / Snell, TÜV / GS standards or UCI regulations. 
2 . Participation is at your own risk. The participant declares that he is aware of the specific risks of a cycling event and against its participation no health concerns. 
3, If the event is due to force majeure, the participant is not entitled to a refund of the registration fee and reimbursement for other damages, such as travel or hotel costs. In a non-appearance of any claim expires. 
4 . Liability - including to third parties - is limited to intent and gross negligence. This also applies to the helpers. The other damages as such from injury to life, limb or health shall be excluded if it is not based on an intentional or grossly negligent breach of duty, his legal representative or agent. , Please if you are interested and want to join us, send the signed disclaimer  to us.

These speed groups are available, dependant of number of participants, which are guided by an experienced cyclist.
(The average speed is the value of 100km with 1000 hm) When you are able to ride this speed in your choosen group I guarantee you a lot of fun.

  1. The riding gourmet  >>>  20-23 km/h
  2. The rolling cyclist  >>>  24-26 km/h
  3. The sportiv  >>>  27-30+ km/h

This road bike tour from us is not commercial. It is privately organized among friends and we assume no liability. The costs are passed on 1: 1 and are divided by the number of participants.

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Meeting point

13th May 2022
at 05.30 am in Valletta port at Virtu Ferry passenger terminal. Ferry departs at 06:30 am.

1st stage / May 13, 2022

2nd stage / 14th May 2022

3rd stage / 15th May 2022

Tour de Sqallija in the total

Here you can register for the tour